Poland being one traditional region in European manufacturing, is also modern when it comes to thinking about reliability. Therefore, we are happy to introduce a new Partner in Condence network focusing on advanced solutions in this region.

Axoma sp. z o.o., being a modern forerunner in industrial applications is an ideal partner for Condence. Axoma team will provide professional services on Condence platform as well as commissioning and consultation services. Ability to deliver an end-to-end solution and combine technology, people and processes enable unique offering that is required to develop maintenance operations.

Condence and Axoma took the first steps of the partnership in March 2020 when first Condence installation was implemented to monitor industrial plant process water pump. Remarkable in this delivery is that even though it was the first of its kind, everything was handled remotely and there was no need to travel, even for training. The delivery serves as an excellent example of Condence’s user-friendliness as well as capabilities of the Axoma team.

“Condence is an easy to use yet powerful platform that we will recommend to our clients who seek tools for condition monitoring. Enhancing the maintenance’s performance requires on-line monitoring which is effortlessly available with Condence’s robust terminals and cloud platform.”

Piotr Ziółkowski, Head of Research and Development, Axoma sp. z o.o.
“We are excited to have such an innovative partner for Condence. Our first installation is a remarkable story as everything was handled remotely and on-line as modern standard should require. Just after a few weeks after partnering up, we are ready to demonstrate results to a major multinational customer.”

Panu Kinnari, COO, Distence Oy
Axoma sp. z o.o.

Mateusz Milczanowski, CEO
Cellphone: +48 501 690 525

Distence Oy

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