Distence – expert in intelligent industrial IoT technology

In the huge and growing IoT space, Distence is positioned in the industrial segment, more specifically in demanding environments and mission critical solutions. This space with industrial assets, including motors, gears, pumps and similar critical assets to industrial processes and energy production, is one of the largest opportunities in IoT. It consists of both new era, OEM, digitized assets as well as an enormous population of installed, legacy, assets with decades of life in them but lacking any digitization.

Our mission is the realization of higher Return on Assets and Operational Excellence though the digitalization and connectivity of industrial assets. With 14 years of experience, we have delivered best in class intelligent solutions to over 40 countries, connecting and making thousands of assets intelligent.

Distence is well positioned to partner up with demanding customers. With our solutions, our customers access the benefits of the industrial Internet with a proven and robust technology. With the speed and agility of an innovative award-winning partner, we help our customers focus on what matters: the information that delivers higher return on assets and operational excellence.

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Kemira Innovation
Challenge 2016 Winner

Munich Cleantech Innovation
Award 2015 Winner