Waste recycling and remote monitoring

Waste recycling and remote monitoring

Jätteiden kierrätys ja etävalvonta

Urbanisation and the growing importance of the circulation economy are also reflected in waste treatment and recycling. The changing needs of waste processing and recycling create excellent opportunities for enhancing operations with remote monitoring. In waste processing and recycling, remote monitoring and management increases efficiency and helps to avoid unnecessary visits, especially in remote locations.

Distence delivers intelligent remote monitoring solutions to improve waste management and recycling.

More effective operations with remote monitoring of waste compactors and balers

Significant benefits in waste handling can be achieved through the connection of waste compactors and waste balers to remote monitoring. Remote monitoring enables, for example, to follow the fill rate of a waste compactor.

Waste compactor remote monitoring allows the optimisation of the route of the garbage truck, which naturally provides savings due to more effective operations. An intelligent terminal provided by Distence is connected to the waste compactor. An intelligent terminal may either be directly connected to the logic controlling the compactor, or alternatively a pressure sensor is attached to the terminal for monitoring the hydraulic pressure.

Optimised waste management and recycling

Distence remote monitoring solution allows better user experience for the customer. Additionally, the maintenance and support functions of waste management and recycling are optimised and developed. By means of remote monitoring, understanding about compactors and baling devices can be gained, for example, the devices’ fault codes and the state of the emergency stop buttons. Remote monitoring also allows you to create a snapshot of the situation that led to the emergency stop button being pressed.

The Condence platform of Distence allows a view being provided to the company selling the compactors, and, if necessary, to the machine users.


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