Smart Services with Intelligent Industrial Internet technology

At Distence, we focus on making industrial assets in demanding environments intelligent. With our technology, we increase the autonomy of machinery, devices and equipment and enable them to be connected to the company’s business processes with a true system-of-systems architecture.

Key in our offering is Distributed Intelligence. Our mission is the realization of higher Return on Assets and Operational Excellence through the digitalization and connectivity of industrial assets. With 14 years of experience, we have delivered best in class intelligent solutions to over 40 countries, connecting and making thousands of assets intelligent. Distence is well positioned to partner up with the most demanding customers.

With our solutions, our customers access, in both OEM and retrofit environments, the benefits of the industrial Internet with a proven and robust technology. With the speed and agility of an innovative award-winning partner, we help our customers focus on what matters: the information that delivers higher return on assets and operational excellence.

Higher Return on Investment from Industrial Assets

An IoT-technology solution must be business driven. Making industrial assets intelligent, be they OEM or retrofit, and connecting them with the business users, can have an enormous impact on the the ROI. We supply a solution that is totally driven by our customers’ business need and that contributes best to increasing the Return on Assets.

Transparency to and Control of Remote Assets

Remote Assets, often unmanned or unsupervised, represent a higher risk than those close to you. Imagine if you had transparency to critical assets: who is using them, how are they being used and in what condition they are, 24/7. Our flexible technology offers a robust and fast-to-implement solution to this challenge.


Higher Autonomy

Life Cycle Costs represent up to 90% of the total cost of ownership for many industrial assets. Manual tasks, scheduled rather than need-based service, inability to react to circumstances either within or in the surrounding environment, result in huge losses in the ROI of an asset. Digitalization of new or existing assets is our expertise.

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