Condence in the cloud and on the edge

Distence provides Condence product family that combines both embedded analytics and cloud service. Our software portfolio can be described as a toolbox or library of different analytical options.

The Condence software is divided into two places which are the cloud and the embedded edge (edge computing & analytics on hardware). Data is analyzed on the local level and only the relevant part of it is sent to the cloud.

Edge computing analysis requires a set of rules to define measurement from the sensor and to understand the data by making data computations. To make this scalable, Distence provides device management from the could and analysis at the edge.

Managing and optimizing data connectivity is also a relevant benefit in this approach. In some cases, you might even need the RAW data from the vibration sensor. A user can ask for it when needed and post the analysis to an external system.

Cloud computing is used also for visualizing, post-processing and accessing measurements and metrics. Data can be stored in the cloud or sent to a third party cloud by enabling a “system of systems” solution architecture.

While building a solution for industrial use it is vital to ensure scalability, security and future proof, as the solutions we build should last for a decade or more.

Vibration analysis

Rotating machinery vibration monitoring has been the most common methodology. The common problem has been that reliable and accurate analysis requires a vast amount of data to be collected.

Distence has solved this by making it possible to configure applications easily, define what data you want and when you want it by streamlining the process. Our tools set include the following features:

  • Overall vibration analysis
    With the Condence-solution, our customers can configure continuous scheduled monitoring for several vibration characteristics to detect the overall level of vibration RMS (Root Mean Square), Peak, Peak-to-peak, Crest factor, and Kurtosis.
  • Spectrum analysis
    This will configure continuous scheduled spectrum analysis for several faults such as imbalance, misalignment, bearing- (inner ring, outer ring, ball, train/cage), gear-, pump-, fan failures or any other failures having a clear peak pattern in the frequency spectrum.
  • Raw data analysis
    The system allows the configuration of continuous scheduled raw vibration data sampling or the requesting of on-demand measurements. The measured vibration sample can be visualized in Condence, both as a time domain signal and as a spectrum. The raw vibration data can be analyzed in a spectrum analysis tool to detect Harmonics and Sidebands.
  • Output for the user
    This involves the visualization of the data as a time series with a set of analysis tools in the user interface.
    Alarms when values exceed configured limits.
    Extraction of samples for further analysis.

– Configurability from the cloud
– Several frequency bands between 0 … 24 000 Hz
– Acceleration/velocity/displacement data
– Enveloped or not enveloped
– Variable sample length
– Alarm limits

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