Industrial maintenance and remote monitoring

Industrial maintenance and remote monitoring

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Intelligent internet solutions provided by Distence can be widely utilised in remote monitoring and control of industrial machinery and equipment. Utilising an intelligent system in industrial maintenance and preventive maintenance allows the creation of a comprehensive picture of the operation of the device being controlled. Remote monitoring, therefore, makes daily operations easier and more effective, also providing cost savings. Remote monitoring allows avoiding unexpected interruptions of service and lengthening the life cycle of the machines and equipment, providing savings of several hundreds of thousands of Euros.

More cash flow with remote monitoring

Our customer provides industrial maintenance and service operations. To expand its offerings and to enhance its operations, the company decided to introduce an effective remote monitoring solution.

The customer contacted Distence for implementing a suitable industrial remote monitoring solution. Distence’s Condence service platform, together with the 600 Series intelligent unit, provided a straightforward implementation for the maintenance service without heavy investments in R&D.

The implementation allows simultaneous remote monitoring of several devices using vibration and temperature sensors. For example, the following devices may be connected to the remote monitoring

·       gearboxes
·       electric motors
·       pumps
·       conveyors

The reports provided by the platform were tailored to meet the customer’s needs. By utilising the existing platform and intelligent unit, the delivery time for a remote monitoring solution was approximately two weeks.

To date, Distence’s solution for supporting industrial maintenance and its services has brought the customer more cash flow. In addition, thanks to versatile remote monitoring, their end clients have been able to avoid expensive, unexpected interruptions of service.


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