Remote monitoring of tower cranes

Remote Monitoring of Usage times of tower cranes

Our customer rents tower cranes for long term rental periods. The rent is based on usage hours, and outside office hours usage is billed with a higher rent. Our customer’s challenge was that their customers were suspected not to report the hours correctly.
Platypus data collection units were installed on the cranes with GPRS communication, and the cranes were attached to the Distence hosted Rhino Asset Management and Operation Monitoring service. The units collect the real usage hours, and Rhino reports were adapted to report daily usage hours and off office hours usage hours as material for customers billing function.

In addition, the data collection units were equipped with an input to attach an alcometer, and the unit controls a relay that permits mobilization of the crane if a clear breath test is given.

Now the customer can write invoices based on actual usage.

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