Enormous Return of investment from a solution in pulp and paper

Enormous Return of investment from a solution in pulp and paper

Root cause failure analysis was performed on paper machine rolls, resulting in an find that in almost 90% of the cases, the root cause of the failure was actually water that had gotten inside the roll.

The water inside the roll will over time lead to corrosion or reduce grease lubrication properties which will damage the bearings and eventually cause a failure.

How does the water get inside the roll? In many cases as a result of unintentional behavior or mistakes from the users. The users might not add sealing grease or uses high-pressure washer to the roll ends. Water can also merely condense as the process is changed.

After introducing the Smartbow application (Powered by Condence), users are now notified on potentially dangerous use or practices, making them visible, and thus preventive actions can be taken.

As a result, Rolls are more reliable, last longer, and if plants return these to the manufacturer before failure, they can be reused.

With monitoring, and as a result, avoiding moisture issues, there is evidence of extending the lifetime of rolls from 40% up to 200%. Naturally, the wide range is due to the environment of the installation. In all cases, however, the solution changes the return of investment significantly.

Without a proper monitoring solution, a plant is risking an unexpected failure and unplanned downtime, that might lead to repair times as long as a full shift and losses from lost production in the range of €250.000 – €350.000; not to forget the cost of a spare roll, that should be available on-site just in case.

After installing Smartbow, it is easier to manage the lifetime use and remaining lifetime. As a result, it is now possible to refurbish the rolls, as they are still functional at the time of replacement. Once these are returned to the original manufacturer, only wear-parts need to be changed at a cost of only 30% compared to a fully new one. This leads also to an estimated 70% lower carbon footprint in the 2nd round of use.

·       200% extension to lifetime
·       Reuse saves 70% of costs and reduces the carbon footprint
·       €300k savings from unplanned downtime

Read more: https://finbow.fi/en/roll-innovations

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