Vehicle condition and usage monitoring

Remote management of vehicles

Vehicles are an optimal candidate for remote condition and usage monitoring. By providing an overall picture of who uses the vehicle, how and where it is used, and in what condition the vehicle is, information is provided to a broad user base to support decision-making and optimising operations.

Information that can be obtained from the vehicle control over intelligent internet can be utilised in:

  • preventive maintenance
  • training operations
  • efficiency measurements
  • logistics optimisation

Vehicle monitoring utilising different information sources

The idea of vehicle use monitoring is to understand the important elements of the vehicle use that can be used to support decision-making and in optimising operations. A vehicle is on the move daily in the field, and without usage monitoring methods provided by the industrial internet, it would be difficult to get continuous monitoring information. Elements being monitored on the vehicle use are, for example, vehicle work output and energy consumption.

The best way to get information from vehicle monitoring is by combining data directly from the vehicle’s own systems with information from additional sensors, RFID readers, and GPS transmitters. The flexibility of the Distence intelligent terminals allows accurately adapted solution for each need on the different sectors of vehicle monitoring.

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