SmartPumps – increased lifetime value

Pumps form an integral part of the industrial processes. The market is huge in itself, but as parts of critical processes, they have lifetime value and reliability plays an important role. Using edge-computing and an IoT platform brings immediate and undeniable value to both OEM and retrofit applications.

Being part of a business-critical manufacturing process, the ability to locate the faulting device and the transparency of the operation of the pump is highly valuable information. Our customers claim that it is actually more cost efficient to monitor continuously than to schedule inspections. Some measurements like vibrations might not even be possible to do while the process is not running.

Optimal operations with pump condition monitoring

We have noted general similarities on how our tech is applied in digitizing pumps and we’d like to share this information.

Vibration analysis is used to detect Shaft/Blade issues, Bearing problems, Misalignment, Unbalance and or Looseness. Distence technology can either automatically detect the problem or indicate that there is potentially a certain type of problem developing. Note also that professional vibration analysis requires an RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) data to be collected.

Temperatures are commonly measured from Motors and from Medium. Temperature can indicate an environmental and or internal problem. Retrofit’s temperature can indicate issues and by combining vibration analysis and Electric power consumption a more complete view can be seen.

Pressure creation from suction or inlet to Discharge or Outlet is the essence of pumping. This is the most relevant information on performance. Combining this to electric power consumption can provide information on efficiency and also on a historical basis.

The additional measurement could be listed as flow measurements, Valve position (and or vibrations) and already mentioned Electric power consumption.


From these measurements, additional information can be calculated e.g. running hours, indicators of overload or unbalance. The user can be notified via email and can check the condition with a browser in his/her mobile device.

Condence solution provides this as a standard and a lot more. How would this fit to your pump? – let us help you with that and request a demo.

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