Heavy machinery

Heavy Machinery remote condition and operations management

Distence remote monitoring of heavy machinery

Working machines are a costly investment, and their return on invested capital comes largely from their utilisation rate. By utilising remote monitoring of work machines and providing an overall picture of the use of them, accurate information is available for decision making.

When working machines are under remote control, you get lots of useful information, such as

  • who is using the vehicle
  • how and where it is used
  • in what condition the working machine is

Data from working machines can be utilised in preventive maintenance, training, efficiency measurements, and logistics 
optimisation. The renter of the machine can utilise the information provided by the remote monitoring for supporting its business, or even as a foundation of a business. Information can be generated by linking data directly from the machine’s own systems and additional sensors, RFID readers and GPS transmitters.

Distence provides solutions for work machine remote monitoring 

Distence is specialised in demanding environments, hard conditions and heavy use. Solutions we have implemented for work machine remote monitoring are flexible to suit different targets, no matter if the user of the solution is the machine owner or the renter.

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