Remote management of electronics

Distence remote monitoring of electronics

Many electronics solutions and devices are used in industry, which are part of critical processes and, despite their importance, are not connected to any kind of remote monitoring. Their monitoring is solely based on reacting to breakdowns and manual inspections.

Solutions enabled by Distence’s intelligent internet to electronic devices help remedy the disadvantages that result from the lack of monitoring. Versatile remote monitoring provides important information on electronics solutions and equipment to support optimisation of operations. Thus, for example, the duration of a possible downtime caused by breakage of the equipment will be shortened, and the need for manual checks can be minimised.

Benefits of the industrial internet in electronics solutions

Digitising the devices in already use with the most appropriate solution, introducing intelligence to the devices and their active monitoring enable the electronic solutions

  • anticipation of breakdowns
  • minimisation of downtime
  • longer life cycle.

The Condence platform provides a wide and flexible framework for producing, collecting and managing information in two directions. Comprehensive information is received about who is using the device, how and in what kind of conditions.

Versatile remote monitoring solutions for electronics

Industrial internet solutions for electronics are well suited for a variety of devices, whether it is a programmable logic, an inverter, or a device with embedded controller solution. Electronic devices can often be accessed via RS232/RS485, CAN or Ethernet-bus. Distence intelligent terminals support the most of the protocols used in industry.

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