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What information do you need to improve the performance of your business and the return of machinery and equipment? Implementation of an industrial internet solution must be justified from a business point of view. Distence’s solution is based on more than 10 years of experience in producing information in demanding industrial environments. These machines and devices can be worth millions or they can be of marginal value, but they are parts of a critical process.

The key factor in our solution is Distributed Intelligence. We believe in the benefits of processing on the edge. We are not just a network vendor combining machines and equipment. We enable remote monitoring and true “system of systems” architecture. By bringing intelligence to the device level, we can build autonomous functions, utilise algorithms, and control the operation of the device, even with real-time information from the cloud, such as weather data or even electricity SPOT prices.

You can read more about Distence’s solution options on the following technology-specific solution pages: pumpsgearboxesmotors and blowers.

Why Distence?

A Flexible Solution

The flexibility of our solution is based on our methods of operating with the customer, open Linux-based architecture, open interfaces and the modular technology used in intelligent terminals. The intelligent terminals are combined with our Condence platform, on which our customers may build their own services, provide an effective tool for machine digitalisation.

Robust Proven Technology

We are specialised in demanding industrial environments. Distence has experience in five continents, high voltage environments, storms of the North Sea and the heat of the desert. Our technology has been proven in challenging environmental conditions.

Fast market entry

Building on our experience and proven technology, our customers get a solution with low technology risks and a fast entry to the market without significant development investments. Flexibility guarantees, that our technology suits for both retrofitting and OEM customers.

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