Disrupting industrial asset life cycle management

At Distence, we focus on making industrial assets in demanding environments intelligent. With our Edge Computing technology, we increase the autonomy of machinery, devices, and equipment and enable them to be connected to the company’s business processes with a true system-of-systems architecture.

Distence’s technology allows customers to sample raw data from standard sensors connected to Condence hardware terminal. Terminal samples and converts raw data to actionable information using our analytic tools. Relevant information is sent to the cloud with integrated connectivity and visualized to key metrics and performance indicators.

15 years of global scale expertise in an industrial environment has been put into the Condence platform. The solution provides the relevant tools and scalability needed to build a future proof industrial IoT solution. Distence’s specialty is in rotating machinery with the combination of vibration analysis and other continuous condition monitoring methodologies.

Distence philosophy is to provide an end-to-end technology solution for industrial manufacturers to enable an agile and cost-efficient way to digitize offering.

Higher rate of return for the industrial capital

The IoT solution must originate from the business. Bringing intelligence to industrial machinery and devices and connecting them to the business processes allows significant gains in terms of a return on investment. We deliver an industrial internet solution based entirely on our customer’s business requirements and ROI goals.

Remote control and transparency

On-site machines and equipment, often unmanned or unsupervised, represent a higher risk than, for example, those who are just under one’s own eyes. What if these sites would have almost the same visibility: who would use them, how, in what condition they are, and what kind of profits they generate, 24/7? Distence’s flexible technology allows fast implementation of a stable solution for this need.

Higher Autonomy

The life cycle costs represent up to 90% of the total costs of industrial machinery. Manual actions, time-based servicing instead of need-based, inability to dynamically react to the environment, and many other constraints, are compromising the productivity over the whole life cycle. Digitalisation of new and existing field machines is our core competence.

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